ban_enterpriselogoChallenge: Enterprise's new office building in Weldon Springs, MO was in need of flexible space that could be divided quickly yet have the best sound control available for meetings, conferences, and in house training.

Solution: Ravensberg installed Skyfold® vertical lift operable partitions that were electrically driven and self-sealing, yet offered more of a "permanent" look. The partitions also featured great sound isolation qualities (the best on the movable wall market).

When not in use, the Skyfold partition stores above in a custom designed plenum hideaway, which creates the maximum floor space usage and an architecturally aesthetic feel with a flip of a switch. Ravensberg successfully transformed the Enterprise Rent-a-Car large meeting area into six individual, configurable rooms with incredible sound control.


  • Large conference/training room with full visibility and access. Skyfold® partition is stored in stack position in ceiling plenum.

  • Ceiling plenum designed to be aesthetically pleasing and to be a part of the architectural design.

  • Skyfold® partitions, electrically driven with the flip of a switch, dropping from ceiling stack position, flattening out and creating a sturdy, sound proof movable wall.

  • Skyfold® partition shown in place, creating a sound-resistant movable wall that appears to be a solid wall.

  • Skyfold® partitions can meet and seal to each other creating a "T" configuration, providing more flexibility in space.