billiken150Challenge: Saint Louis University's latest and largest research project to date needed an open area lab space on multiple floors that would encourage interaction of scientists, be a recruiting tool to attract necessary researchers, allow growth with flexibility, and enhance the theme of a “green" building.

Solution: Ravensberg Incorporated carefully coordinated with SLU’s contractor, designers, and architects throughout the planning and design process.  Immediate and constant feedback was given on design questions and budget updates. 


Challenge: This small research company located in St. Louis, Missouri needed their lab facility upgraded and renovated, and wanted to add a fume hood.  IQ Synthesis’ tight client schedule didn't allow for a lot of internal time dedicated to scheduling this renovation project, yet it still needed to be done.

Solution: The turnkey solutions offered by Ravensberg Incorporated matched IQ Synthesis' needs perfectly. With minimal intrusion into IQ’s client schedule and company time, Ravesnberg created AUTO CADD floor plan layouts and elevation drawings designs, ordered materials, expedited the project, and installed and coordinated all equipment.

ban_enterpriselogoChallenge: Enterprise's new office building in Weldon Springs, MO was in need of flexible space that could be divided quickly yet have the best sound control available for meetings, conferences, and in house training.

Solution: Ravensberg installed Skyfold® vertical lift operable partitions that were electrically driven and self-sealing, yet offered more of a "permanent" look. The partitions also featured great sound isolation qualities (the best on the movable wall market).